NETA – New European Theatre Action
The International festival-theatre network NETA (New European Theatre Action) which was founded in 2004, is based on the principles of cultural networking of the national and other theatres ...  See more>>
Prešeren Theatre Kranj
Prešeren Theatre Kranj
We have received numerous awards in recent years, including awards at various theatre festivals in Slovenia and Croatia, and festivals in South America and in Europe are also unforgettable... See more
Cantieri Teatrali Koreja
Cantieri Teatrali Koreja
The international dimension is a fundamental par of the artistic identity of Koreja, with a special interest in the south East and the Mediterranean area. Koreja’s productions are presented in Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain, the Netherlands, Slovenia ...See more
Theatre Zetski dom
Royal Theatre Zetski dom (ME), established in 1884, is the oldest theatre in Montenegro. Through the act of building Zetski dom, it already became, as well as through duration it survived, as syntagma that represents...See more >>
Mal dramski teatar Bitola
Mal dramski teatar Bitola (MK) is a result of great aspirations in theatre production, focusing on the most important element of the production – the performance of the actors in a specific space, in which the play is taking place... See more >>
National Theatre of Bucharest
With an existence of more than 160 years, the I.L. Caragiale National Theatre of Bucharest is truly a national  cultural brand and it is one of the main promoters of the Romanian image abroad...  See more>>
Best performances of 21st EX PONTO Festival
The audience at the 21st International Performing Arts Festival EX PONTO 2014, awarded with the highest grade the performance ... See more>>
Maladype is a company capable of redefining itself, acquiring new perceptions, positioning itself in new contexts and considering changes as natural elements of creating theatre.. See more>>
National Theatre Tirana
National Theatre is Tirana's oldest theatre, inaugurated as the first professional Albanian theater on 17th of May, 1945 in the building where today continues its activity. See more>>



NETA network was created upon the initiative of the present and former ministers of cultures, theatre directors and Festivals. The network guarantees excellent opportunities for international projects in the area of culture and the professional education, networking and above all contemporary and effective commercial approach in Europe with more than 100 million residents.

The NETA activity covers production of international projects, exchange of plays, artist, staff, professionals and organizers from the area of theatre, festival activities as well as coproduction, publishing, international communication and establishment of NETA ART Television.

At the moment, NETA network consists of 67 theatres and Festivals from 18 countries in Europe:

Theater Festival of Comedy "Balkan 2000" (AL) :: International festival of theatre „Butrint 2000" (National Center of Mediteranean Theater), (AL) :: National Theatre Tirana (AL) :: Narodno pozorište Sarajevo (BA) :: Festival MES, Sarajevo (International Theatre and Film Festival MES), (BA) :: Kamerni teatar (BA) :: Narodno pozorište RS Banja Luka (BA) :: Bosnian National Theatre Zenica (BA) :: Varna Summer Festival (International Teatre Festival Varna), (BG) :: Bulgarian Association of theatre directors (BG) :: Drama and Puppet Theatre Vratza (BG) :: Theatre-laboratory "SFUMATO" (BG) :: Boris&Konsorten, Stuttgart (DE) :: Gradsko dramsko kazalište GAVELLA (HR) :: Međunarodni festival malih scena Rijeka (HR) :: Festival EUROKAZ (HR)   See more >>